October 9, 2016

Slow Update For Office 2016 Brings a Bunch of New Features

Microsoft has made available a preview of the October feature update for Office 2016 for Mac to the Insider Slow participants. We had earlier covered how Microsoft has segregated the Office Insider group into fast and slow. Updates when the majority of people have chosen to automatically update, if you’re too impatient, click Help > checks for updates. New update and it aims to enhance the overall experience in Office 2016 the update log.


The users Can also use bookmarks in the media file into the animation.In order to ensure that your notes can be stored in OneNote, because if there is a problem, we can take advantage of the auxiliary function on the tools menu checker to find problems and fix them.

Also, in OneNote Microsoft has made some changes to help people get around the notes. The changes can be checked by heading to Preferences > General > Enable experimental features.

In PowerPoint, the update also includes improved options such as play audio and video files.  The slow insider update will also come laced with the earlier features for Office 2016 including PowerPoint Designer, Focus Mode, mentions the feature in Outlook and Stylus setting in OneNote.

If you are a Windows user and want to know what’s interesting in Office 2016, Please pay attention to our website.

But The latest Report after upgrading to macOS Sierra PS Office  2016 tell us that it is not very stable

First, About the Photoshop, many users in Adobe technical support community  have complained about upgrading to macOS Sierra CC they can crash when trying to print it, And many Epson and Canon printers have been affected. Adobe official department  acknowledges the existence of problems in a document, and noted that the version 2015.5 or earlier versions of the software may result in crashes from the above happen. Adobe also said its software engineers are working to find a solution and will update the software in the future to solve these problems.

In addition, Microsoft admits Office 2016 for Mac will result in some macOS Sierra users shut down unexpectedly or crash, its engineers have  an cooperation with Apple company, hoping to identify the problem and work out a solution.

Taking into account both the popularity and the needs of users of the software, updates will be coming soon.