September 29, 2016

Office 2016 Public Preview Release! Free Download

Microsoft officially released the Office 2016 public preview version, but that time only for IT professionals and developers. The release version is relatively more stable some, after all, is to be for the general consumer.

Office 2016 new features are as follows:

Cloud services to strengthen: any location, any device to access your files, Outlook support OneDrive attachments and automatic permissions settings.
Collaboration: real time collaboration of many people.
Intelligent application: application will support Me Tell function assistant, Clutter mailbox cleanup function, Insights to find the relevant information and other intelligent functions.
Data analysis faster and simpler: Excel built-in new analysis capabilities, you can pull, analysis, visualization of data.
New IT features: security control (data loss protection, information rights management, Outlook multi factor authentication), more flexible deployment and management solutions.

Users can download the Office 2016 public preview version of Microsoft’s official website, or landing Office 365 backstage, you can find the Office 2016 public preview version of the download link.

It should be noted that the Office 2016 requires a serial number to be installed, which you can see below.


It should be noted that, if your computer installed before the 32 version of the Office (such as Office 2007), you need to uninstall before you can install the Office 2016 public preview version

Office 2016公开预览版发布!免费下载